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These will appear at the top of your listing, under ‘Practitioner Type”. Please select up to 5 specialties – 3 Condition-specific specialties and up to 2 treatment modality specialties. We limit these to create a more focused highlight of your practice and to also avoid long lists. Otherwise, everyone will just list everything. However, you will be able to use more keywords to help your listing show up in searches, and can add other specialties there. EXSTORE vs Certified in EXSTORE: Select EXSTORE if you have taken EXSTORE training with Dr. Lombardi. Select Certified in EXSTORE you have completed the Certification coursework and received your certification. You can always come back and edit any part of your listing later. You will find your listing under ‘My Account’ when logged in. Please also include the selections you make here when entering keywords below!
Add your address below. If you have a second location, click “Add More” under the map. You can have up to two locations on the map. If you have a third, you can add that one in the Description section below.
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If you do not have a Diplomate, that is ok. This field will not show up in your profile if you do not make a selection.
List any certifications or specialty trainings (example NCCAOM Diplomate, EXSTORE certification, ABORM, etc)
List any certifications you have. Example – EXSTORE, ABORM, Myopain, Carrick Institute, etc. You will be able upload any certifications below.
You can upload any certification PDF or JPEG
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Type in keywords that are relevant to your practice. A total of 50 keywords can be entered here. Adding keywords helps the person searching for a practitioner find you more easily. Keywords can include what you treat, what you specialize in, types of acupuncture you use (Japanese, NADA, distal, etc), trainings and certifications (EXSTORE, CMTW, ABORM, MyoPain, etc), and more.
Enter your specialties here as well. This will help people find you when they search by specialty in a given city or town.
To list on this directory, you must be licensed, registered, certified, or otherwise able to practice Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine under your scope of practice in your city, State, Province, or country. By checking yes, you are confirming that you meet these requirements.