Terms AcuFind and Acufind.org signify the company AcuFind LLC, registered in New York State, USA.

Service signifies a Site for Registrants to register for the purpose of being contacted by prospective Clients. Service signifies a Site for prospective Clients to locate acupuncturists and other practitioners. The Site also lists information provided solely by those acupuncturists and practitioners. Service in no way indicates the practice of acupuncture or other form of medicine by Acufind LLC, principals, or employees. Site signifies the website AcuFind.org. A Registrant signifies a professional person engaged in the practice of acupuncture, herbal medicine, other form of Chinese Medicine, or practice listed by a Registrant. A Registrant is someone who has subscribed to the listing service provided by AcuFind.org and provided information for their listing on our site. A Vendor is any individual or business accessed directly or indirectly through the site Acufind.org. A Vendor is an individual or a business engaged in the sale or products related to the practice of Chinese Medicine. A Client signifies a person searching on AcuFind.org for a Registrant. Content signifies any information on the site AcuFind.org, whether provided by AcuFind, a Registrant, or a Vendor. Content will also include information in e-mails, regular mail, accompanying shipments, by phone, fax, text or other form of communication whether provided by AcuFind, a Registrant, or a Vendor. The terms “highly qualified” and “knowledgeable” reflect the level of professionalism AcuFind LLC expects for Registrants of Acufind.org.

Conditions Registrants are solely responsible for the information they provide. AcuFind takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. In registering and providing details as to their credentials, Registrants represent themselves as “highly qualified” and “knowledgeable.” Registrants are expected to honestly represent themselves as one or more of the following: 1) A Medical Doctor or Osteopathic Physician who is currently licensed and in good standing. 2) A Licensed Acupuncturist, Registered Acupuncturist, East Asian Medical Practitioner or holder of an equivalent license in the state, province, territory or country in which the Registrant practices. AcuFind LLC reserves the right to review information provided by Registrants for accuracy and remove Registrants from the Site if detected errors are not corrected by the Registrant. Acufind will not make any changes to the information Registrants provide. Acufind agrees that information provided by Registrants is for the sole purpose of informing prospective clients of Registrants’ services and qualifications. Acufind LLC will not share e-mails or any Registrant information with other persons or entities other than for the sole purpose of providing a prospective client (patient) with information to contact a Registrant. AcuFind may contact Registrants from time-to-time through various means and for various purposes. Registrants will be able to opt out of these contacts. Registrations are auto-renewed unless cancelled by the Registrant. Funds will be deducted from the Registrant’s credit or debit card, or bank account via PayPal.

Disclaimer: AcuFind LLC, DBA TCM~AcuFind does not recommend a specific practitioner, nor confirms any of the information within a given listing. The purpose of this directory is for practitioners to list their background, education, experience, and contact information. Practitioners are responsible for the content of their listing, and users of this directory are responsible for confirming any content within that listing. 

Nothing on this site confers medical or treatment advice. 

Yearly Subscription: Yearly subscriptions auto-renew 12 months/one year from the date the subscription started. To cancel a subscription, email support@tcmacufind.com.