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The TCM~AcuFind directory is THE best international directory for both practitioners and those searching for them. 

Not all Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioners are the same. Every practitioner has their own specific techniques, continuing education, strengths and specialties that makes them more adept at treating certain conditions. There may also be times when Chinese Herbal Medicine might be a better option for you than Acupuncture, and vice versa. Therefore, each practitioner listing will indicate what types of treatments they offer, including Telemedicine Herbal Consults, to help you find the best match possible.

Plus, we made it simple to find your best match, with our highly specific search function. Specific education, conditions treated, technique used (example: Japanese acupuncture, dry needling), special certifications, education, specialties and training can all be used in the search box. This in turn helps you more easily find and choose the practitioner that can best help you!